12 Best Bluetooth Earphones & Earbuds In India

Wireless earphones are now in the trend. These are the hottest items that you should buy immediately and upgrade your smartphone accessories counter. With the wireless earbud, you can get freedom from the disturbing wires and you do not need to untangle the wires all the time while you need to put the earphones on. These are designed for your comfortable fit. Apart from this, you can get the crisp audio quality for phone calls and media streaming.


The wireless earbuds have captured the recent market in the past few years. The wireless earbuds will not restrict your movement. If you are a sports person then you should buy this type of earbud in order to kick out any restrictions and hurdles. With these earphones, you can get the chance to do hands-free access to your assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant as well.

But you need to buy the best and premium quality earphones. For that, you need to check out these earphone options.

Sony WF 1000-XM3:



This is one of the best models from Sony. This earphone offers a solid and stable connection of Bluetooth. It also has a stellar noise cancellation system. You can get the clear cut sound with these earbuds. You do not need to struggle to listen to something or make your phone calls.


The fit of this earbud is excellent and comfortable. The battery life of this earbud is also awesome and the sound quality is marvelous as well. These earbuds come with more tip sizes than other types of earbuds. You can also get the super touch quality to control the volume and playback. You can feel the instrumental music just as authentic and clear. You can get the non-stop six hours playback as normal. You can get the fast charging option.



  • Good musical sound
  • Better noise cancellation system
  • Overall excellent battery life
  • Comfortable and fit


  • This earbud cannot give you HD support


Sennheiser Momentum Wireless earbud:



This particular earphone makes quick and high-quality improvements compared to other models. You can get a chance to enjoy the premium quality and refined sound with this earbud. This earpiece is slightly slimmer and it looks great in your ear. The noise cancellation system is the plus point of this earpiece. You can get the touch-sensitive pads with this earbud.


This earpiece can be customized in order to control the sound quality. You will get to hear the sophisticated and refined sound with this earbud. This earpiece will give you the perfect sound with impressive scale and clarity. If you can stretch your budget, then this earbud is worthy to buy.



  • Refined, clear and original sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Nice to use and hear


  • Price of the product is a little bit high
  • It does not support the HD


Bose Soundsport Wireless Earbud:



Bose is one of the popular sound system brands and it has come up with a lot of recommendations. These earbuds will not give you any kinds of trouble, so you can wear them for a long period. This earbud is designed for the sporty look and sportsperson.


This earbud is completely sweat-proof and water-resistant as well. You will get the perfect feel after wearing this. It can easily rest against your ear and provide extra stability as well. The overall sound of this earbud is bold and balanced. You can hear the crisp high note.



  • You can get to hear the full-bodied sound
  • You can get the powerful and deep bass
  • This earbud can also maintain the tonal balance


  • There is no disadvantage of this earbud


Apple AirPods Pro:



This is an iconic AirPod from Apple. It is made with water-resistant design. You can get the handy touch control features with this earphone. You can get a clean and powerful sound with this earbud.

You can get the three pairs of silicone ear tips. It will be a great fit for your ears. If you have an iPhone, then this earphone can work perfectly with your iOS device. It has a powerful and impactful sound that suits all types and genres of music.



  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable and easy fit
  • Great noise cancellation system
  • 800 feet Bluetooth range


  • Battery life could be better and longer


Beats Wireless earphone:



It is one of the best and high-quality earbuds for working out. This offers water and sweat resistant features. This device is created with a low profile design. This earphone tends to be bass-heavy and it can balance the sound well. You can get 9 hours of long listening time.


This earbud is securely fit in your ear. These come in small, medium and large sizes. You can get various colours of this earbud such as cloud pink, glacier blue and spring yellow as well.



  • The setup of this earbud is magically seamless
  • You can get the well-balanced sound with this earbud
  • It is comfortable to wear at the time of running
  • You can get the long battery life with this


  • The charging case is heavy and bulky.


Jabra Elite Active Earbud:



This is the latest release from Jabra. This is a sporty alternative. You can enjoy the durability of the battery life and enjoy the full-proof sound as well. This earbud is water-proof and dust and sweat resistant as well.


The design of this earbud is perfectly designed. You can get a balanced sound and clear music as well. It can minimize ambient and soft noise.



  • You can get the crisp and well-balanced audio with this earbud
  • You can get a strong and durable battery life
  • The design is sleek and smooth
  • You can get a lot of sound personalization feature


  • You may get the loud volume with maximum sound


Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless earphone:



It is a pair of extremely nice and comfortable earphones. It can deliver up to 5 hours of battery life. This device is sweat and dust resistant. The company made a lot of improvements in this model. The design of this earbud is small and sleek. It will perfectly fit in the ears. So, you can run and do your workout sessions without any worries and obligations.

You can also use the customized setting with this earbud. You can get a clear sound with this device. You can feel the difference at the time of hearing the instrumentals. If you are budget-conscious, then this earbud is the perfect choice for you.



  • You can get a secure and comfortable fit
  • You can also get the quick charge feature with this device
  • wirelessearphone


  • The charging case of this earbud is very difficult to open
  • The control scheme is not the best at all


Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus:



For Android users, it is the best wireless buds. The company has retooled and enhanced the design of this wireless earphone. The mobile app is very user-friendly. You can customize the touch controls. The earbuds are comfortable to wear.


You can get the crisp and neutral sound. You can get so many colour options such as black, white, light blue and aura blue as well.



  • You can get the solid sound clarity
  • You can get the improved and enhanced call quality as well
  • earphone
  • wireless earphone


  • Charging cases may offer one extra charge and it is a drawback of this device


Sony WF-XB700 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone:



It is a perfect sports headphone. This blends the aesthetic design and marvellous sound control system. These buds are protected and covered with IPX4 coating. You can wear them at the time of running and any kinds of outside workout sessions. These earbuds are water and sweat resistant. It can give you the facility of high volume music without any distortion.


This earbud is a classy one. You can get the 9 long hours of usage time with a one-time charge. This earphone can enhance the listening quality of yours.



  • You can get the dynamic sound
  • earphone
  • With a single charge, you can get the longest battery life


  • It cannot give you any superior and premium feeling
  • You do not get any extra features with this device


Anker Soundcore Airpods:



This is another great model of earbuds. It has five different silicone ear tips for proper fit. This earbud has customized options such as play and pause gesture. You can wear this earbud in the rain as this is water-resistant.


It is a worthy device and the sound is also very nice. Through the iPhone and android application, you can customize the personal preferences and set it as per your choice.



  • It has 28 hours of battery life with the case
  • You can enjoy the good quality sound
  • It has IPX5 water-resistant power
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It is cheaper than other Airpod


  • The case is looking cheap quality
  • You may face some issues regarding call clarity and quality as well


Creative Outlier Earphone:



This is a brand that focuses heavily on sound quality. This is a convenient product and long-lasting battery life as well. This earbud can last up to 10 long hours with a single charge. This earbud is a perfect fit.

This is a cheap product and you can enjoy this earbud without any hassles.



  • You can get the USB-C charging
  • You can also get the long-life battery
  • You can enjoy the excellent sound quality of this earbud


  • You may feel uncomfortable after wearing this
  • It lacks the companion app
  • The material is quite cheap


Jaybird Vista Bluetooth Earphone:



It is the best earbuds for your workout sessions. This earbud can offer super quality and long-lasting battery life as well. The design is perfect and it will fit on every ear. You can get the 5.0 Bluetooth protocol for better sound efficiency between your phone and your buds.


The sound clarity of this earbud is very good and clear. It is designed with boosted bass and boosted treble. It is a perfect choice for those who want the best and clear sound. This is made with water-resistant materials and it is IPX7 certified.



  • You can get solid and clear sound
  • Good battery life is the plus point
  • USB-C charging facility is a positive feature
  • IPX7 water-resistant power for perfect usage
  • 5.0 Bluetooth range for proper and clear sound quality


  • You will not get any wireless charging for case


Buying Guide

Over the past few years, wireless earphones have grabbed the headphone market and everyone wants to have it as their regular accessories. These are the most favourite and top-quality list of wireless earbuds. You can choose any one of these. But before choosing any earbud, you need to check all these matters. These are such as follows:


Sound quality:

You need to check the sound clarity and quality before buying. If you want the best sound clarity, then Sennheiser and Anker are best. Apart from this, you can check Jabra, Samsung and Sony as well.



You need to check the comfortable fitting. You do not choose any such earbud that you can wear just only 20 minutes. So, before buying, you need to check the proper fit and comfort. You can choose Jabra, Airpods Pro, Anker, and Samsung for that comfort and easy wearing.


Noise cancellation:

Before choosing, you need to check whether the device can cancel the noise or not. Airpods Pro, Sennheiser, Jabra, Anker, and Sony can do this work marvellously.


So, these are the wireless earphones that you can buy. These are budget-friendly and efficient as well. You can enjoy the clear and foolproof sound with these earphones. You can also get rid of the worries of the tangled wires.

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